Our Vision and Mission

“At City of Hospitality Academy, we see a future that includes a more human-centered coach-approach to leadership; industry-ready and confident leaders, with agile decision-making skills, prepared for today’s fast-changing landscape, leaders that have their eye on the future to grow emerging talent successfully.” ~ Elle Preston, PCC - Director of Coach Education and Leadership Training

Deliver High-Value Education + Virtual Hands-on Training

Deliver world class instruction to harness best practices in education and real-time training through proven methods that promote implementation and application of skills, as you learn, that transfer immediately outside the virtual classroom.  

Deliver Hybrid-learning courses designed for people who work in fast-paced, high-stress environments, or manage teams that do. We know busy people require accessible virtual environments to give them more time back in their day – while requiring fast, effective, human-led feedback loops for strong skill-building. We strive to meet you where you're at.

Build a Coach Community of Practice  

Professional Coaching delivered by and specifically for those working in the foodservice and hospitality industry, is new. We aim to give leaders and emerging leaders a place to connect with others who understand their challenges, have a growth mindset and seek to use their new or continuing coach-approach to lead better into the future. We have experienced your pain-points.

Provide Continuing Education & Create New Jobs

Developing as a coach takes time. We are committed to providing ongoing experiential training to help you level-up your professional coach skills and continue to strengthen your leadership. We provide opportunity to serve our industry in multiple ways, including “right-fit” opportunities to get involved or join our training team after completing select programs. 

We offer courses for individuals, teams, and organizations that are interested in developing
into more future-ready, capable leaders.

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